Our Presenters
Wayne Silby is an American social investor and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Calvert Investments, one of the first and largest socially responsible mutual funds in the United States. He is considered to be one of the early pioneers in the field of impact investing.

Allen Leslie Combs, PhD is a consciousness researcher, neuropsychologist, and systems theorist at California Institute of Integral Studies where he is the Director of the Center for Consciousness Studies. He is the author of over 200 articles, chapters, and books on consciousness and the brain, and is the founder and past President of the International Society for Consciousness Studies.
Alan Macy is currently the R&D Director, past President and a founder of BIOPAC Systems, where he designs data collection and analysis systems, used by life science researchers, that help identify the meaning of signals produced by life processes.  He has 30+ years of product development experience in human physiological monitoring. His recent research efforts explore ideas of human nervous system extension and the associated influences upon perception.  As an applied science artist, he specializes in the creation of cybernated art, interactive sculpture and environments.
Salma El Hariry is the chief visionary behind S[k]aleUp Ventures, which aims at democratizing capital to fuel global sustainable change by making it accessible for anyone, anywhere to invest in #ConsciousTech startups. Salma also founded Vested Summit, a platform to connect the boldest entrepreneurs and savviest investors together under one roof. She’s a serial entrepreneur who has a vision of building a more equitable, sustainable future for emerging world economies through exponential technologies.
Hala Gabr has 11+ years experience in digital media engineering, robotics and interdisciplinary design. She co-founded S[k]aleUp Ventures, which matches impact investors with ‘conscioustech’ startups through their flagship event Vested Summit and through CrowdWealth, an equity based crowdfunding platform.
Nick Jankel is globally recognized keynote speaker on transformational leadership and the founder of Switch On, a leading human transformation organization which seeks to democratize transformational capabilities by leveraging its existing codified transformation kits and content within an AR/VR/ML experience. Nick studied Medicine and then Philosophy of Science at Cambridge, taught at Yale & Oxford, and ran a 5-year series of intensive self-transformation workshops in Shanghai. He is the co-founder of FutureMakers, a sustainability and regenerative business consultancy and is a UK Ambassador for Entrepreneurship.
Gino Yu is the Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development and the Founding Head of the Multimedia Innovation Center at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He received his BS and PhD at the University of California at Berkeley and has over 60 conference and journal publications. His main area of research focuses on the application of media technologies to cultivate creativity and promote enlightened consciousness.
Kodah Pipitone is an entrepreneur in government technology, wearable devices, and psychedelic therapeutics. He is now building Emergent Intelligence, an impact venture capital fund for hardware and plant technologies. Embracing biohacking and well-being has slowed his aging, transitioned his gender twice, and positioned him at the bleeding edge of conscious technology.
Benad Goldwasser is a urologic surgeon, inventor, entrepreneur and venture capital investor. During his business career he served as CEO and Active Chairman in a number of healthcare related companies. Author and co-author of more than 120 articles published in peer reviewed journals, and of 19 chapters in books concerning urology. He was also a co-editor of two books on the subject of reconstructive urology.
Mark Limanov is CEO of IMP Ltd with 20 years of experience in marketing and business development, with competencies in fields of medicine, economics and implementation of business strategies on the market of medical services. He created and maintained an active sales bases with clinics and doctors. He does negotiating and signing of strategic partners, and Long-time cooperation with medical institutions worldwide
Oded Zucker is Head of Private Banking- Israel at Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild SA. Mr. Zucker is responsible for a team of seven professional personnel and oversees management of over $650 million in assets. He served as Senior Vice President of Prudential Bache Inc., from 1995 to 2003. He co-founded the Israeli operations for Prudential Bache. He served as a Non-Executive Chairman of AxisMobile PLC since February 10, 2005. He serves as a Director of Nisko Projects Electronics and Communication Ltd. He served as a Non Executive Director of AxisMobile PLC since July 6, 2007. He served as a Director of Old Goat Enterprises Inc., (alternate name Win Global Markets, Inc.) since February 2, 2004. Mr. Zucker served as a Director of Win Gaming Media, Inc., since January 2004.
Our Host & Moderator
Wendy TZ (host) is the founder of CSTSmetaverse.io, a Shanghai-based innovation hub to convene leaders in the fields of consciousness, science, technology and society. Their interest is to amplify innovative technology solutions at the convergence of these fields through investment and technology development.
Ryan Fix (moderator) is the founder of Pure Project, a community-based venture studio and consultancy for systemic-change organizations. He is recognized as a pioneer of both the co-working & co-living movements, and is the co-founder of Co-liv.org, the defacto industry association for the co-living sector.